“Truthfully,i dont have a strong desire to spend time with God”is a statement that hit so hard,close to my heart when i read it.My first reaction was like “What kinda sorta Christian person thinks,talks or even feels that way? I mean a christian ALWAYS feels like and wants to spend time in God’s precence”.
Then my heart spoke to my mind and said “Calm down Dorsila,because that kinda sorta christian is you yap,you Dorsila!So calming down i said back to my heart lol, “Ok heart,i hear you but i do not want to be that kinda sorta christian,but at times i tend to be,atleast enough times for me to write about it.”And this is my friends what i call aย  Dry Spell.When the Bible which used to be wonderful,inspiring,the Go-to-Book becomes dry and boring for some strange reason.

I realized most dry spells i go through have some underlying reasons.Like when am stuck in a dilemma,rock and a hard place kinda thing and i really happen to want to have my way,with full knowledge that if i really consulted God,He would ask me to slowly if not hastily walk the other way.It may also be a sin that am struggling with,#Thestruggle! Or a person am witholding forgiveness from.I realize that in all this,my focus shifts from Him to myself,my not so qualified qualifications and not so strong strength.These are times that i find it so hard to trust Him

You know,dry spell is interesting as i realize sometimes God just wants to reveal my heart to me.More of asking me “Do you spend time with me because of the tingly emotional sensations you get afterwards? Or do i do it because of Him and my desire to know Him.”I realize,sometimes He just tries to find out whether i love Him for who He is and not just because of blessings,more like if my life was to turn upside down,would i still love,worship,adore Him the same way i would when my life seems ‘balanced’? He tries even more to find out whether i am hang up on the mechanics of spending time with Him (having to do it at a specific time or place,using a particular pen or notebook,being in a certain mood,playing a certain background music or may be sitting in a particular angle idk!)ย  Or the TRUE meaning of spending time with Him.

In the book of Psalms 42,the Psalmist seems to be going through some kind of dry spell,
Psalms 42:2
My soul thirsts for God,for the Living God.
When can i go and meet with God?

Why are you down cast,O my soul?
Why are you so disturbed within me.

The Psalmist goes on ahead and remembers some good Ol’ days,probably when he had it together and was on top of his game or something.

These things i remember
As i pour out my soul
How i used to go with the multitude
Leading the procession to the House of God,with shouts of joy and thanksgiving.

Then i figured as am reading about this guy,there is no difference between me and him,the struggle were real and today they are still as real.But the Psalmist warmed and encouraged my heart because of his reaction to his dry spell.He looks on ahead to the restoration of joy.He does not let emotions take charge or consider his not so qualified qualifications.He speaks to himself.

Why are you downcast,O my soul?Why so disturbed within me?Put your hope in God for i will yet praise him,my Saviour and my God.

I know for a fact that dry spells are real.And life can be real tough at times.I mean low moments,losing that job or loved one,dissappointments and worries of life can rob us of the joy of salvation.But God is looking at us and goes like look at this ‘persons’ out there,so thirsty for me yet so unaware.Its like really wanting to quench some thirst but eating bread,which only makes the thirst worse.
And crazy enough that is what you and me do,we are busy feeding on the wrong things,when clearly, we practically starving and are dead hungry for Him.We turn to our not so qualified qualifications and ignore God’s grace,we turn to music or movies that do not glorify Him,relationships that do not and will never cure loneliness and so many other things that do not include Him.

God is reminding us that just like any other relationship,this one between Him our Love Jesus needs comittment,diligence,patience,and trust.It calls for work and sacrifices even through the rough times.He calls us to cling to Him,trust and focus in on Him even more through the dry spell.He is just saying,forget the storm because even during it,Am still here,you may not hear nor feel me but “I am God and I love You!”

Be happy and let us face this dry spell with joy because of days ahead are more than promising!
Beating that dry spell like a boss!
No season lasts forever loves!
I love you
God Bless you
Lets encourage each other
Keep it real

Inspired by A Place Of Quiet Rest!
By Nancy Leigh Demoss.





6 thoughts on “DRY SPELL HUH?!

  1. Coming out of my last storm He revealed to me the same exact thing. I even doubted if God still wanted to deal with me. I refused to read my bible most days. This lasted for like 2 months. I wish I had read it. And I pray in my next storm my faith and trust is stronger so that won’t be so stubborn. Thank you for this reminder.


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