“Shift In Perspective”

How many times do you believe it when someone tells you that you are great.How many times are your dreams valid on a DAILY.What if it does not look worth it at this point.What if you actually think that you are not worth it.What if the people who were meant to support you and tell you that the world is yours for the taking are not doing that anymore.What if they do not believe it themselves.What if the situation and how it looks is not encouraging at all.What if  their hands are not clapping or patting you on the back.What if you do not have anything in your hands at the moment.What if the one opportunity that you thought will be your breakthrough does not come through.What if you do not believe that you have an answer to this world problems,atleast one.What if you are tired and feel weak and that fire that once lit up your dream is no longer burning.

I think i have been there before especially as i grow older and unsure about how tomorrow will look like.Scared of failing and dissapointing myself.Not really fighting people bondage,but my own bondage.I also realize it is easier for me to wallow in these thoughts of inadequacy and doubts.Throwing a whole pity party on my bed,topping it with a pathetic attitude.

But consider,what if……..ladies &gentlemen…

1) You are great and created for that dream.

2) You are a world changer.

3) People were never meant to pat your back or believe in you,but you are meant to prove them wrong.

4) That opportunity that you thought passed you by opened a whole new door.

5) Those situations that you really dont want to remember,are shaping you and your mindest.

6)Your imperfections are actually perfect.

7) Your name will be remembered.

8) You having nothing in your hands is actually something that God needs.

9) You are a story to someone out there and they are watching your every move.

10) You are are amazing and awesome.Talented and gifted.Beautiful and needed.

Reading through that list might have been awkward and weird for some because maybe you have not read it enough,heard it enough or said it to yourself enough times.Sometimes we just need to shut the voices that tear us down and that might include our own voices.

I think that it really does us no harm at all when we think ourselves great,talented,loved and amazing.It actually just makes work easier for us to impact the change and transformation we want to see for ourselves and society at large.A shift in perspective is what you and i need.A famous saying, “You are your thoughts” summarizes this.You cannot risk walking around thinking how much you are of no use to anyone and end up being of use to someone.

I am not here to advocate for false confidence and a nasty domineering attitude.All am saying is,believe the things that you are and you will be able to fulfill the things that you are meant to on this earth.Silence that voice that are sometimes too loud,telling you things contrary to who you are.

Got this from a study,
“All things splendid have been achieved by those who dare believe that something inside of them was superior to circumstance”.

**You want to hear more words that build you up,encourages you,positively criticizes and give life**
Trent Shelton always says this:
And honestly,i agree with him.Sow what you want to reap.You will be awed by the ripple effect.

/Today take an interest in one of you friend/family,ask them their dreams and whether they tell you or not,drop a seed there of encouragement and make them know that you care that they achieve what they are on earth to do/


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