Yeah i do love men and yes i do ‘hate on men’ more than i acknowledge this.But God knows that i do love the men in my life and men in general.I love and admire their strength,zeal and focus.I love their determination,courage,bravity and drive.I love that they ‘make us believe’ that they don’t ‘gossip’ and ‘cry’ as much as we do.I love their decisiveness and ability to learn from them.I love that they are different in so many ways and it somehow still works!I mean whats not to love.Lol!

Can i be real!? This blog is just one of the very few times that i actually say this about men.All my life i have been taught that ALL men (very few times with an exception of my father and brothers) are peas in a pod.Possesing the SAME kind of dissapointments.Since childhood,all i was fed on was stereotypes on men that i didn’t know what exactly to look for in a man other than how many of his dissapointments and pod behaviours i can deal with and still live.

I am just a woman who is really tired of hearing this.I wonder to myself,are the men not tired?Or have they heard all these stereotypes and replaced the truth with a lie.Branding it COOL and calling it SWAG.Like if swag is confidence,then are stereotypes the source of your confidence,your rock?These stereotypes and objectifying of men crashes my heart for my father,brothers,husband to be and my future sons.For that man who wakes up at break of dawn to push a cart in order to feed his family.And for that young man growing up,confused as to how he should actually grow up.

Ladies i know we love attention,i am not even trying to front.Today so much focus is on how to make us better and i appreciate,believe me.But just as we were not born knowing ourselves and how to act,so did our men.Who is teaching the men?Who is on their faces convincing them of who they are?Who is making it so hard for them to forget who they are?When did we give up on our men?

Ladies have been taught to stand up and shout out (may be too loud)that they are different and are more.On the contrary most men i have met don’t even know that they are more,so have nothing to stand up for or defend.I mean just because there is no PROVERBS 31ON MEN in the Bible(whole chapter talking about manly virtues) does not mean there are no standards and things worthy of praise about men.You do realize that most characters in the Bible are men.God really exhausted himself in that department.And trust me it was not because there were no women He could use.

Look at it this way,God did not get Eve from a broken and confused Adam.Eve was got from a well put together guy in the garden who knew himself.I think men were used in the Bible most because well,God made them the leaders and we kind of learn from them.So you want to know who you are?Look through the Bible and you will see yourself clearly than you have ever imagined.You know as women we can really do our level best to get it right,but sometimes it really ends up dysfunctional when our leaders ,examples,our great men that we are supposed to learn from are broken,confused and not well put together.The puzzle ends up not fitting as it should.

I think as ladies,we also really love the stereotypes.I mean when we sit down to talk,well that seems to be all we talk about..Men (apart from the current boyfriend) are this and that and nothing positive.But seriously though girls,is that all we call out in our men?Then why act so surprised when you get or experience the same thing you called out?Yes we need to check our mouths.We need to hash on the negativity and stereotypes and call forth our men to life.Call out what you want to see because they hear and can be better.

Stereotypes Replaced!!!!
All men are:
Liars and cheats>>Honest and faithful….(yeah!!!Why are you full of doubt!! ?:) )

Dogs??>>>Humans and sensitive;Can make mistakes and learn.

Superficial and care about ass and boobs (am being real)>>>They can really have descent conversations!!!!

Never change,never get better>>>The only thing that seems to be constant is change;not a man!God can change anyone to perfection!Yes ma’am Yes sir!!!”

He is as good as his wallet>>>>He is as good as his purpose,achieving that and not money in the bank!#WorkEthic!! Intergrity may be!!! πŸ˜‰ ladies can i get an Amen!!! Lol!!!

Cannot abstain from pre~marital sex>>>Sorry to dissapoint you guys on this one,well no one can without the grace of God,being intentional and accountability.Yes,they can wait!!

Constant checking up on,(close to stalking) and manipulation is the way to keep his heart>>>>He is a grown man (unless he ain’t) and can be responsible.Manipulation is actually witchcraft…ya”ll don’t need me to say its wrong!

With these stereotypes REPLACED with truth that can only be found in God,well men its time to stop believing lies masquerading as truth about you.Learn to stand up for truth and yourselves.The quote “You teach others how to treat you “also applies to you! Stand up for yourself not only in words but also in deeds that show that you are a MAN WELL PUT TOGETHER and ready to lead.Because no matter where you are,whom you are with and whatever you do,you too deserve to be treated with respect and honor.Love yourself enough to be who you are.Believe the truth.Stop with the excuses already.Am reminded of David when he sinned with Bathsheba.Yes it was a weak moment,but one thing he did not say to God when repenting is. “Am sorry,am just a guy.Don’t expect much from me”
Well today society might allow you to say that,but God will not.He is hurt and dissapointed when we do not see ourselves the way He does but  instead we believe lies when it costed Him a Son to live in TRUTH.
Its your call men!
Go get it!
I love my men manly!!
Love you all!!!
Feel free to share and comment on this!!
Enjoyed writing it!!!

All men should check this video out and ladies should believe this of their men!!!




17 thoughts on “I LOVE MY MEN MANLY! *wink*

  1. Love love love this blog!! It speaks life into our men. I think it’s very important that men see themselves the way God sees them. The world isn’t all about women. Men were made to be leaders, Eve came from Adam’s rib not vice versa.. I do believe there are still great Godly men in the world, some still in the process of knowing that they are.. Great blog sis!


  2. wowww i love this blog…kudos siz!!!….and ooh btw i thnk smwea in book of Job kuna values za men(just like proverbs 31woma)…nikiget,i ll let u knw

    Liked by 1 person

  3. it was as if all attention had shifted to the ladies but at least someone still think of men and in a positive way. thank you n nice piece.


  4. could be just me but I find the background color makes it hard to read clearly – you could ask around and see if it affects any of your other readers..
    else – its good article


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