“Set Apart For”

When was the last time you were passionate about something that wasn’t food that you are currently eating, or a soap opera you are watching? The last time you were so passionate about something that totally had nothing to do with you but someone else that really needed your help, voice and attention?
I trust and believe that we are on this earth for a cause! We are not here for ourselves, to play a game of who can stay alive longer or who wore life better. We don’t ask kids what they are passionate about when choosing their courses, we steer them to careers that are deemed prestigious in society. And pray to God (if we remember) that they get the passion along the way. We would go to the extent of laughing at a child for having a dream, a cause and being passionate about something that is not popular. I love education! I believe education and passion produce best results. Life changing results.
So I met this guy, Jeremiah, as I was flipping through the Bible. His story is what I call a confirmation story. He was young when I met him. lol. A child to be precise. He has an encounter with GOD. The first thing God says to Jeremiah is I KNOW YOU.I knew you even before your mother knew you. This got me thinking. Why did God tell him that if it was so obvious to Jeremiah that God knew Him? I think Jeremiah felt insignificant, one amongst billions and God couldn’t possibly know him let alone choose him. And we feel like that most times. How could God know me? He couldn’t! I just come from a descent regular family. Heck! I don’t even go to church.
The plot gets thicker and God tells him that he set him apart for purpose on this earth and Jeremiah is like, ‘Yo! Am like 17yrs old, what are you talking about? He voices a limitation that he thought he had. God immediately commands him to stop voicing his limitation to him. I mean God knew him before a womb knew him and he thinks God does not know that he is only a child? I resonated with this. God calls you and gives you a dream, a calling, a purpose, an inclination and you jump to, ‘I am not of age, I am not ready, wait I get me some qualifications, let me make some money first, I don’t know how to tell my parents coz I will look crazy’. I am sure all these thoughts were going through Jeremiah’s head too. I mean he was just a young guy who had probably set himself apart for other things he thought important. The things you set yourself apart for are not even half as great in comparison to what God has set you apart for. What has God set you apart for? For He surely has.
The next thing God said was ‘Look here child, I have a message and people that are going to need that message and only you can carry it and deliver.’ Am sure it hit Jeremiah that it was not about him. His calling and purpose has everything to do with people and a message that God had entrusted him with. This world lies to us that only the grown, qualified, rich and those that appear to be living it up can change this world. That only they can carry a message. God is telling me and you, that there is a message and a people he is sending us to, wherever we are and at whatever capacity. He is saying ‘it is not about you.’ It’s never about the messenger. Our obedience is linked to so many people.
After Jeremiah knew he had a message that he had to deliver and it involved people, he got a bit scared. He probably did not like where the conversation was going. He probably thought of how people treated the last prophet who dared to even say he was called. He thought of how people can be cruel and unresponsive. How everyone has an opinion. This we see by what God says to him next. ‘Do not be afraid of them for I am with you Snapshot_20150424_163148 When God reveals your purpose, destiny, or passion, He does not promise that it’s going to be easy and everyone will be happy with what you are doing. He promises to be with you and rescue you. He knows you cannot do it on your own strength. Let us not live in the bondage of people when God has already promised His presence, approved of you and the message you are carrying.
God knows you, is aware of what you think is a limitation and is sending you anyways to someone and not empty handed but with a message. You need to be close enough to hear that message. Sensitive enough to hear that call and purpose. To know His passion so that it can be your passion. For God goes hard for us. He does not relent. He is passionate and we are made in His image. I pray that this blog series draws you more to God and your true self, the one God breathed life into. Love you all.


4 thoughts on ““Set Apart For”

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