Stop and just for a minute imagine that you have been appointed the president.In this moment, just as you are.  At your local joint having your usual affordable ‘madondo’. That one time you do not want to Instagram your meal. I am positive that at that moment , something in you will change.

Honestly, I wouldn’t walk out the joint the same way I came in. My aura and vibe will automatically change. A shift will have taken place. A realization of ‘being chosen’ will be hard to ignore. I will have to turn from the life I knew as truth to this new, exciting yet scary life of being chosen. That has promises of not being easy and at times even loss.

All of a sudden I realize that the things that seemed right, justified and welcome in my life as habits and beliefs need to change to suit this new title. A new walking style, as trivial as it sounds, might develop. Lol! A new set of friendships and associations will also bud.As a gentle detachment from others would follow.

Jeremiah 1:5

Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you .Before you were born, I set you apart .I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.


How comes our actions do not follow our knowledge of being set apart or chosen? Is it because we do not walk in the truth that God himself chose us? In the understanding that the cost of being chosen was  HIS SON. His love for us demonstrated in this way SET US APART.


But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners. Christ died for us.

He made sure that our rightful title, garment and crown was restored to us as children of God. A title above the rest. Beloved, don’t you think it will require of us to make some adjustments? A shift  in perspective as the starting point. Every character in the Bible called and chosen of God knew undeniably that in order to experience the fullness of that call, there was need for total separation. Especially from the world and the influences of its day.


  Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land that I will show you.

Abraham had a life when God asked him to go. The only thing is the life he knew as truth lead to death and he had to leave it behind him. How about I am not ready Lord? What will my neighbors and friends say? What if it’s all in my head? Most importantly, what am I going to eat? Where am I going? All these questions must have gone through his mind. But this God sounded different than his father’s gods. There was something about Him and his voice that  he knew he had to GO. He was convinced enough to take the first step as he waited for further instructions. God did not leave Abraham and the minute he stepped out, he did not only know the God who gives promises but also the God who keeps them. He knew His voice when the journey started, but by the time it ended he knew HIS heart.

JAMES 2:23-24

……………..Abraham believed God,and because of this faith he was accepted as one who is right with God.Abraham was called God’s friend.So you see that people are made right with God by what they do.They cannot be made right with faith alone.

 Abraham had to be separated from the association of his early life. The influence of kindred and friends would interfere with the training which the Lord purposed to give His servant. (Patriarchs and Prophets pg69)

.Abraham had a choice. He would have decided to stay and that would have been his only story.How will your story play out?

 It will cost us to follow Christ. It will need us to fall in love with solitude and unfamiliarity with full knowledge that God is right there beside us.Walking away from sin and pleasures of this world and getting uncomfortable following Him. Staying separate. Learning to trust Him all the more. It is a process, but in order for it to start it will require a BOLD first step in the CALLED direction. It will not be perfect. It is not meant to be. You might not get the luxury of taking this first step with your family, boyfriend or best friend. You might start with them but find yourself alone. Just as Abraham had to eventually leave his father and Lot. He still looked forward and asked for further instruction. I mean he was ready to go on without his son even though he could not even comprehend how heart breaking and drenching it would be. I know it’s scary, but He is a GOOD GOOD God. His cup satisfies even through the roughest and loneliest deserts. Being chosen most times if not all will mean separation.


Psalm 27:1

Lord, you are my LIGHT and my SAVIOR, So why should I be afraid of anyone? The Lord is where my life is safe. So I will be afraid of no one. (Holy Bible-easy to read version)

Separate yourself so that God can begin the training process. Training is never easy, but a vision of the results just as he gave Abraham the promises, is our encouragement. Thanks for reading. As you all know,life is a journey and we never stop becoming!Keep becoming my lovely readers.


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