“Oh Lord help me to hate the things that You hate and love the things that You love.” This has just been a prayer that I constantly make. Oh, the things that I subtly tolerate that He hates. Things that I enjoy that disgust Him. Things that testify the complete opposite of who He is. Where is the reverence? Where is my fear of God? The Lord is calling us deeper and it starts with the FEAR of Him. Loving the things that He loves and hating sin.

God is not a God of moments but a God of lifetimes. He can use a moment to reveal Himself, but that moment is to speak to our lifetimes. We wonder why it is so different at a church service, fellowships or even gospel conferences in comparison to our daily devotionals. At those moments we have locked out all that is carnal and all of us at one accord focused all that we are on Him. At that moment we are quiet enough to feel sense and know that He is there with us. But immediately we walk out to go to our homes, we feel like we left Him behind and there is so much noise .But those moments are not to be experienced just once but to be lived each day. He desires that we may live in complete conscious knowledge that He is with us. He wants to fellowship and commune with us daily!

We are the light of the world. Christ in us is to shine in this dark world. But what is it about darkness that we are so enticed by it? Why does it seem like it is smiling at us? Drawing our attention. Making us just want a little of it? We live in a generation where the world is begging for our attention. Good and pure has been made old-fashioned while evil and impure has been made bold and right.

It starts small. It starts with a movie or series that does not please God. What does that mean? It means that the values that are upheld in that movie or series are not in line with the values in God’s Word. It means that it does not seek to edify or lead to purity. It means that it goes against who God is. Sounds like its making sin okay, tolerable, good or even casual. Sin is made desirable and its consequences deceptive. Makes us create idols of ourselves or even things. It starts with a song that we tolerate that has a few curse words but what’s the harm, its talking about working hard? Right?  It starts with watching a music video that appreciates beauty but all the girls on there are almost naked if not completely. Then, it starts getting harder and harder to pray. We have no time to open the Word of God. And we are back to sin that easily entangles us back to pornography, cursing, masturbation, rebellion. Sin now appeals to us more.

     Galatians 5:7

You were doing so well, who caused you to stop following the truth? It certainly wasn’t the one who chose you. Be careful! Just a little yeast makes the whole batch of dough rise

We need to be careful of what we allow in our space and faces as Christians. The devil is no longer subtle about his ideas and plans. And therefore we cannot afford to be careless in this area. God needs us to be bold in what we allow in our space. To be bold enough to reject whatever the Lord rejects and embrace all that He embraces. These avenues of entertainment are very intentional about the ideas that they are selling. We also need to be very intentional about what we allow. If kids are involved, all the more care should be taken. It is a choice to live in the Spirit, crucifying the flesh just as it is a choice to live in the flesh.

   The Scripture injunction, ”Walk in the Spirit,’ calls for voluntary action, and the exercise of the human will. It is equally possible to “walk after the flesh.” Between these two principles, these two “walks,” the believer is ever making choice, and to the end of life the will has power to yield to the one or the other

(The Irish Saint: The Life Story of Anne Preston)

1’st Peter1: 15-16

Be holy in everything that you do, just as God is Holy. He is the one who chose you. In the scriptures God says ‘’Be Holy, because I am Holy’’.

I t will need us to stop watching some movies, listening to some songs or hanging out with certain people, In order to daily kill the flesh and have the Spirit alive in us. It might look too radical, but the devil isn’t playing guys. He seriously wants no heaven for you and me and the rest of the world. He knows that the longer we justify and baptize the things that God hates, we shall never see heaven. And did I mention that Christ radically saved us? What if He tried to look cute and their day “pop-cultured”? What if He didn’t revere God? We need to stop flirting with sin, it looks so good on the outside but it eventually leads to death. I pray that God gives us discernment in this area and the boldness to truly follow Christ. And radically live for Him.

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