Happy Birthday Lord.


That time of the year.
We all wait for it
For our different reasons…
To some its a joyous occasion
Of celebrations with those whom
we survived the year with…..

When i was small..
It was about popcorn,cake new fab clothes and decorating
It was fun.
Today we don’t decorate much
Today we pray more.
We don’t fuss about new clothes
and shoes so much.
But realize it was never about things.
Today we are happy because we understand what this birthday is all about.
Then, we celebrated someone we didn’t know..

Today its a party to a friend,
A lover of our souls and a Savior
Its not about clothes anymore but about salvation
Its about the fulfillment of purpose
and the greatest soul that walked the earth
Its about who He really is to us.
Its about obedience and heed to the call.

Today as we celebrate his birth,
we celebrate the life that came with Him,
For we were dead!
Some are still dead.
He was born,He died ,He rose again..
Its our time to die as we await to rise with Him.
To pick up His mission just as He perfectly
taught us.
That being the best way to celebrate His life.
Drinking and partying in his name only does nothing much
to the legacy He left.
Trying not to dampen the mood but to put all this into perspective.

Share His name, His love and your testimony..
Testify not only of His birth but His death as well
This Christmas,
Make merry just like Mary but in awe of who He really is.
Be humble like Joseph who am sure was eager to teach his son
but allowed himself to be taught.
Be ready to go the distance like the three wise men
For His name.
Do not sabotage the mission as Herod tried…
Take it up like John the Baptist ran with it.

Live like you met Him,
because you have.
Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Family

I always share these writings at an annual Christmas party that i attend with my sisters.I wrote this one last year.Its always a joy to celebrate Christmas especially when we have known,understood and accepted the heart of it!

Thank you for always reading and God bless you guys!!!!!!


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