Beauty is not skin-deep. Skin deep beauty does not have a lasting impression and it’s not thorough. I know this as truth because indeed my skin will not look the same thirty years from now.  God also said all that He created was good. There are many definitions of good, but the one I loved the most describes good as something to be desired or approved of. That which is satisfactory in quality, quantity or degree. God knit us perfectly in all aspects for whatever purpose He placed us on earth. Of course sin entered the world and all of God’s creation was under attack and so were we. But victory was given to us through Christ and everything restored, including our identity.

 The world today idolizes beauty, or rather its own standards of it. It has got into our minds and hearts so deep that we do not recognize that it is foreign .That we do not see it as an attack on creation just as global warming or deforestation. We defend creation (that is what is outside of us) more than we defend ourselves because we forgot that He created us. Good. Satisfactory in quality, quantity or degree. We praise His creation and see God in it and we do not see God in how He intricately formed us. I have struggled in deed and I believe  many have as well, to see myself as He sees me. Many times I am guilty of asking Him, “Really Lord is this it? “And it’s like I can sense how hurt He is at every negative thought I have had about myself, for the times I stood right next to the accuser and pointed fingers at His creation and tore it down. “Why is my face not whatever shape? Why are my boobs so big/small though? Why am i short or tall? Will I ever be beautiful? Lord, no one likes me.”

As I read through my 2016 journal I realized that a major prayer request was love. I just needed to know that the Lord loves me, just as I am. The King of Kings beholds me and finds me beautiful in his sight, that I ravish his heart. To understand that His love for me overwhelms Him so much, He had to die to communicate in the highest way. The Lord has ministered to my heart so much that I know that I am LOVED beyond. As women we are taught from a young age to conform to this world. We struggle with its standards of beauty more than we do salvation. We desire for this world to recognize us physically more than we desire our God to be recognized through our quiet and gentle spirit. Being an African black girl has had its challenges. Crazy phases. Where we hated our natural kinky steel-wire hair and ended up wearing weaves, where we admired long silk straight hair and ended up perming our hair, from having small behinds as the in thing to having bigger butts. Can I be real! Lol! To #teamlightskin craze to #team melanin.  At some point it gets confusing and end up looking at yourself in the mirror and hating the very creation of God because at some point you fall short of the standards set up by this world.

 True identity and confidence is knowing without a doubt that even without a few people liking your pictures on instagram, a few guys hitting on you, a few compliments here and there, that Oh my the Heavenly father looks at you and sees His image. He sees His own beauty radiating and it pleases Him. It’s crazy because I am saved and I thought that this I knew. I realized that God had to teach me the heart of true beauty. It begins with trust in what He says in His Word and not in whatever standards in this world. Us women, even  in the church, invest more in our make-up, dresses, body-shapers,and shoes than we spend looking into His Word to find out what He says about beauty. I love all of those stuff guys, eye-pencil and all. But when it reached a place I felt that in order to look “more beautiful”, I needed to do all that, I knew it grieved His heart. It’s still hard because the world will still scream plain Jane. But I will proclaim this louder.

Psalms 139:14

I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works. My soul knows it very well

  • I praise You!

Look at the word PRAISE. I went ahead and looked it up. It means to express warm approval or admiration; the expression of approval or admiration for someone or something; to express thanks to or love and respect for God.

Therefore, out of our hearts we express approval and admiration to God for intricately designing us. We thank Him for creating us as He did and immediately getting rid of that word flaws, because God does not make mistakes. A woman of God I have known and grown to love taught a few girlfriends of mine and I that God does not know how to receive praise (thanksgiving) and withhold His hand of giving.

I believe that when we start praising God as He created us He is highly honored and releases blessings to our lives. There is an ease into identity that we get in doing this. There is an acceptance of our whole being that just oozes and ministers to others because you trust only what the father says and every man becomes a liar. Some may call it self-esteem, but you just know deep in your heart and mind that He said all His works are wonderful and you completely trust that.

Fearfully and wonderfully made speaks of a setting apart. Special and unique. Unexplained .Just as the scenery around us is breathe-taking and hard to understand and explain, so has He created us. Just as wondrous as the moon ,so are we.

  • My soul knows it very well. >>Beauty is soul-deep<<

The soul, that is our mind and emotions are in agreement with what the Lord has created. We are convinced, that truly all His works are amazing! It is a decision and our emotions follow. Out of that trust then our hearts can praise Him.

This post is a call to love our physical bodies as we tap and allow the love of God to be revealed to our hearts. Not a call to ‘self’-confidence, because that can make us idolize our outward appearance and be likes and approval hungry. It’s a call to allow the love of God reveal true beauty that is not only manifested physically but also in our hearts. See, God is not shallow .He is not attracted by outward beauty even though He created our physical bodies and said it was good. He looks at the heart, because in the heart of a man, deep within Him are things that can last forever. He searches the heart of man and not his face.We can block the love of God  because we are too caught up in the physical and neglect the adornment of this quiet and gentle Spirit that is pleasing in the sight of the Lord. We tend to waste time and money on the physical because our souls do not know undoubtedly that His works are wonderful. If we knew undoubtedly, it would not bother us as much. We would work to take care of it and not re-create. We can also block the blessing of people because we have accepted to be shallow and look at the physical and dwell on it.

Queen Vashti if you have read the story of Esther was very beautiful on the outside that the king called her to behold her beauty. But this beauty did not keep her in the palace because nothing shines brighter than inner soul-deep beauty. She refused to obey the Kings request for whatever reason. And she lost her crown. As women we may think that as long as am skinny, as long as I wear the classiest clothes, as long as the make-up is popping, I can never lose the crown.Its sad because we cannot build anything especially a household if we have not built the inner man .Queen Vashti tore down her home with her own hands and her beauty which was meant to honor the king could not save her.

Proverbs 14:1

A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hand.

Our first home is our temples, and God wants us to build it with His Word.It lasts forever.

Lord, I pray that every woman that reads this post will be enveloped by your love and be assured of her beauty in You and therefore praise You. I pray that because she knows that she is wonderfully and beautifully made, that all obsessions with outward adornment shall die. That she will invest that effort into seeking you, to enable her to build her home because true soul-deep beauty is found in trusting You.

Thank you for reading.Please leave your comments and thoughts down below.


Msdorsila Ogola.



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