Sorry… ‘Autocorrect’. (Lee Mugo)

Whiskey; A Gaelic of life (“water of life” in Irish). This is a phrase I got to learn a couple of weeks ago. I actually don’t remember where I heard or read it from (most likely heard it since I’m nowadays watching movies). But what I recall was the morning that made this discovery possible. Achoo! Those were the first letters my mouth uttered that fine morning; the first words of the day, words that at first sight would seem ‘auto corrected’ if typed. Sitting down and thinking about it, I use that phrase at least once a day. Not that it makes me look intellectual using it, no. It’s actually two very simple words put together to make this long word that makes most of us look good. It’s helped me personally to hide my illiteracy of some complex English words.

Have you ever received a text message from someone, and you take a while before replying it just because you have no clue what some of the words in the text mean? And after much thinking you decide to reply with a ‘huh?’ Well, I have received such texts myself. Not the texts that don’t make sense but the texts with ‘huh?’ And like a reflex, I go back to the text I had sent and read it. I then go back to the typing box and click on it so that I can reply to the ‘huh’. And when the keyboard pops out there’s usually some suggested words at the top of the keyboard, the words commonly used by the owner of the device. (I’ve seen this in most of the Android and IOS phones) And with no hesitation the first word would be chosen (That’s how much it has been used on my device). And press send!

Auto correct is the word. But why blame auto correct? Isn’t it my fault that the text message I sent never made sense in the first place? Let’s try to get the reasons why I have stopped blaming auto correct. First, why is it even there if all people do is blame the mistakes they make while texting on it? In our day to day living, we blame our problems on the ‘auto-correct’ we activate in our lives. And instead of doing away with them, we hold on to them and the results are always the same; Disappointments. In my personal life I have had some, if not many auto corrects. Keeping the wrong friends close was one of them, and it led to the same results; disappointments. I did know that they were the type of friends I shouldn’t be having, but I still kept them close. And when things were not going right I would do what I do best; blame it on them.

For the past few months, I failed as a Christian by making some choices that had bad consequences at the end. At first, I blamed it on the people and things that came about after making the decisions but after sitting and thinking I realized that it was my fault from the beginning. By the time I had realized this it was too late and the damage had been done. Just like an ‘auto corrected’ text, we realize it has an error after sending it. We forget to first check if the message is grammatically correct or if the structure of the text is well constructed. We need to sit down every day and review our lives, it may seem everything is okay at the moment but there may be things hindering  us from moving on to the next level, or pulling us back.

Life is a learning experience, and we learn from the choices we make. Actually, we learn from the results of the choices we make. And from the results we have other choices to make; to learn from them or not. I have seen in life we need God to help us make the choices that will help us move to the next level in life. One may ask how we know that the path one chooses is from God. The answer is simple, pray. Ask God for guidance before making any decision and He will speak to you, it’s just for us to listen and watch out for the signs.  Personally this is something I am learning and I trust and have Faith that with time His voice will be crystal.

Psalm 46:10 King James Version (KJV)

 Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.


Reading His Word is vital if we need to make decisions in our lives that will not lead us to regrets and disappointment. His Word lives up to date and is the guidebook through this life.

My prayer for you is that in every decision you want to make, sit down and remember God for He lives in our hearts. Submit to Him and He will give you guidance, pray for wisdom from Him in every decision you want to make. Keep calm and know He has your back. My name is Lee and Jesus is Lord of my life.

God bless you.

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