Pain, Bitterness and Evaders.

IMG_2436.JPGAll relationships are and have the potential of being hard. Relationships grow and reveal us.They push us to be better if we allow them to. Growth has never been comfortable.

A relationship with God is not in any way different.We tend to treat our relationship with Him the way we treat our relationship with other people.This we can subconsciously do because its easier to allow our relationships with fellow humans influence our relationship with Him other than allowing our active relationship with Him influence how we relate with others.

With that being said. I am an evader. It’s not easy for me to have ‘hard’ conversations and i believe so for most. We tend to run away from relationships when they get real.I have been running away from God because the conversation reached a place where it got hard and too real.Where it would push me and want to grow me. The unveiling of branches and budding of flowers tormented me because the process is not as beautiful as the outcome.

So of course the easier route is to loand assume that He knows my heart (which He does) and there is no need to have that dreadful conversation. Only that that conversation was really not for Him but for me.

There is a pain, sadness and worry that words cannot express.It really just glares and glazes your heart every time you realize how alive to it you are.One that wakes you up in the middle of a scary dream and you are more scared of the reality that you have been woken up to.

And i could not bring myself to having that conversation with Him.How could i begin? What do i ask for? If words could even come out of my mouth. How do i accept His ultimate will? Will i survive it? Where is He? So i packed my life in a bag and i left.I checked out and asked that they keep a sit for me because I’ll probably be back.

Oh i hated the developing pages of the story of my life. Ones that i know i will struggle with the desire to keep folded.There are things in this life that will inconsiderately invade our lives.They will not ask for permission to turn your whole life upside down.You’ll even be surprised by how bold they are. Some guts.

Why me? How about why not you? Hard pill to swallow. At such times, we go to God and we don’t ask and whine. We pour out our hearts and remind ourselves of His love.We cry in His arms and know that when trouble knocks relief is where He is. Soothing is in His presence and healing is guaranteed.

So we intentionally and even with bitterness and lack of  any kind of understanding rise up from that place of worry  and take back our sit. We allow His grace carry us to the unknown.We trust Him and await His healing.


Sorry… ‘Autocorrect’. (Lee Mugo)

Whiskey; A Gaelic of life (“water of life” in Irish). This is a phrase I got to learn a couple of weeks ago. I actually don’t remember where I heard or read it from (most likely heard it since I’m nowadays watching movies). But what I recall was the morning that made this discovery possible. Achoo! Those were the first letters my mouth uttered that fine morning; the first words of the day, words that at first sight would seem ‘auto corrected’ if typed. Sitting down and thinking about it, I use that phrase at least once a day. Not that it makes me look intellectual using it, no. It’s actually two very simple words put together to make this long word that makes most of us look good. It’s helped me personally to hide my illiteracy of some complex English words.

Have you ever received a text message from someone, and you take a while before replying it just because you have no clue what some of the words in the text mean? And after much thinking you decide to reply with a ‘huh?’ Well, I have received such texts myself. Not the texts that don’t make sense but the texts with ‘huh?’ And like a reflex, I go back to the text I had sent and read it. I then go back to the typing box and click on it so that I can reply to the ‘huh’. And when the keyboard pops out there’s usually some suggested words at the top of the keyboard, the words commonly used by the owner of the device. (I’ve seen this in most of the Android and IOS phones) And with no hesitation the first word would be chosen (That’s how much it has been used on my device). And press send!

Auto correct is the word. But why blame auto correct? Isn’t it my fault that the text message I sent never made sense in the first place? Let’s try to get the reasons why I have stopped blaming auto correct. First, why is it even there if all people do is blame the mistakes they make while texting on it? In our day to day living, we blame our problems on the ‘auto-correct’ we activate in our lives. And instead of doing away with them, we hold on to them and the results are always the same; Disappointments. In my personal life I have had some, if not many auto corrects. Keeping the wrong friends close was one of them, and it led to the same results; disappointments. I did know that they were the type of friends I shouldn’t be having, but I still kept them close. And when things were not going right I would do what I do best; blame it on them.

For the past few months, I failed as a Christian by making some choices that had bad consequences at the end. At first, I blamed it on the people and things that came about after making the decisions but after sitting and thinking I realized that it was my fault from the beginning. By the time I had realized this it was too late and the damage had been done. Just like an ‘auto corrected’ text, we realize it has an error after sending it. We forget to first check if the message is grammatically correct or if the structure of the text is well constructed. We need to sit down every day and review our lives, it may seem everything is okay at the moment but there may be things hindering  us from moving on to the next level, or pulling us back.

Life is a learning experience, and we learn from the choices we make. Actually, we learn from the results of the choices we make. And from the results we have other choices to make; to learn from them or not. I have seen in life we need God to help us make the choices that will help us move to the next level in life. One may ask how we know that the path one chooses is from God. The answer is simple, pray. Ask God for guidance before making any decision and He will speak to you, it’s just for us to listen and watch out for the signs.  Personally this is something I am learning and I trust and have Faith that with time His voice will be crystal.

Psalm 46:10 King James Version (KJV)

 Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.


Reading His Word is vital if we need to make decisions in our lives that will not lead us to regrets and disappointment. His Word lives up to date and is the guidebook through this life.

My prayer for you is that in every decision you want to make, sit down and remember God for He lives in our hearts. Submit to Him and He will give you guidance, pray for wisdom from Him in every decision you want to make. Keep calm and know He has your back. My name is Lee and Jesus is Lord of my life.

God bless you.

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Beauty is not skin-deep. Skin deep beauty does not have a lasting impression and it’s not thorough. I know this as truth because indeed my skin will not look the same thirty years from now.  God also said all that He created was good. There are many definitions of good, but the one I loved the most describes good as something to be desired or approved of. That which is satisfactory in quality, quantity or degree. God knit us perfectly in all aspects for whatever purpose He placed us on earth. Of course sin entered the world and all of God’s creation was under attack and so were we. But victory was given to us through Christ and everything restored, including our identity.

 The world today idolizes beauty, or rather its own standards of it. It has got into our minds and hearts so deep that we do not recognize that it is foreign .That we do not see it as an attack on creation just as global warming or deforestation. We defend creation (that is what is outside of us) more than we defend ourselves because we forgot that He created us. Good. Satisfactory in quality, quantity or degree. We praise His creation and see God in it and we do not see God in how He intricately formed us. I have struggled in deed and I believe  many have as well, to see myself as He sees me. Many times I am guilty of asking Him, “Really Lord is this it? “And it’s like I can sense how hurt He is at every negative thought I have had about myself, for the times I stood right next to the accuser and pointed fingers at His creation and tore it down. “Why is my face not whatever shape? Why are my boobs so big/small though? Why am i short or tall? Will I ever be beautiful? Lord, no one likes me.”

As I read through my 2016 journal I realized that a major prayer request was love. I just needed to know that the Lord loves me, just as I am. The King of Kings beholds me and finds me beautiful in his sight, that I ravish his heart. To understand that His love for me overwhelms Him so much, He had to die to communicate in the highest way. The Lord has ministered to my heart so much that I know that I am LOVED beyond. As women we are taught from a young age to conform to this world. We struggle with its standards of beauty more than we do salvation. We desire for this world to recognize us physically more than we desire our God to be recognized through our quiet and gentle spirit. Being an African black girl has had its challenges. Crazy phases. Where we hated our natural kinky steel-wire hair and ended up wearing weaves, where we admired long silk straight hair and ended up perming our hair, from having small behinds as the in thing to having bigger butts. Can I be real! Lol! To #teamlightskin craze to #team melanin.  At some point it gets confusing and end up looking at yourself in the mirror and hating the very creation of God because at some point you fall short of the standards set up by this world.

 True identity and confidence is knowing without a doubt that even without a few people liking your pictures on instagram, a few guys hitting on you, a few compliments here and there, that Oh my the Heavenly father looks at you and sees His image. He sees His own beauty radiating and it pleases Him. It’s crazy because I am saved and I thought that this I knew. I realized that God had to teach me the heart of true beauty. It begins with trust in what He says in His Word and not in whatever standards in this world. Us women, even  in the church, invest more in our make-up, dresses, body-shapers,and shoes than we spend looking into His Word to find out what He says about beauty. I love all of those stuff guys, eye-pencil and all. But when it reached a place I felt that in order to look “more beautiful”, I needed to do all that, I knew it grieved His heart. It’s still hard because the world will still scream plain Jane. But I will proclaim this louder.

Psalms 139:14

I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works. My soul knows it very well

  • I praise You!

Look at the word PRAISE. I went ahead and looked it up. It means to express warm approval or admiration; the expression of approval or admiration for someone or something; to express thanks to or love and respect for God.

Therefore, out of our hearts we express approval and admiration to God for intricately designing us. We thank Him for creating us as He did and immediately getting rid of that word flaws, because God does not make mistakes. A woman of God I have known and grown to love taught a few girlfriends of mine and I that God does not know how to receive praise (thanksgiving) and withhold His hand of giving.

I believe that when we start praising God as He created us He is highly honored and releases blessings to our lives. There is an ease into identity that we get in doing this. There is an acceptance of our whole being that just oozes and ministers to others because you trust only what the father says and every man becomes a liar. Some may call it self-esteem, but you just know deep in your heart and mind that He said all His works are wonderful and you completely trust that.

Fearfully and wonderfully made speaks of a setting apart. Special and unique. Unexplained .Just as the scenery around us is breathe-taking and hard to understand and explain, so has He created us. Just as wondrous as the moon ,so are we.

  • My soul knows it very well. >>Beauty is soul-deep<<

The soul, that is our mind and emotions are in agreement with what the Lord has created. We are convinced, that truly all His works are amazing! It is a decision and our emotions follow. Out of that trust then our hearts can praise Him.

This post is a call to love our physical bodies as we tap and allow the love of God to be revealed to our hearts. Not a call to ‘self’-confidence, because that can make us idolize our outward appearance and be likes and approval hungry. It’s a call to allow the love of God reveal true beauty that is not only manifested physically but also in our hearts. See, God is not shallow .He is not attracted by outward beauty even though He created our physical bodies and said it was good. He looks at the heart, because in the heart of a man, deep within Him are things that can last forever. He searches the heart of man and not his face.We can block the love of God  because we are too caught up in the physical and neglect the adornment of this quiet and gentle Spirit that is pleasing in the sight of the Lord. We tend to waste time and money on the physical because our souls do not know undoubtedly that His works are wonderful. If we knew undoubtedly, it would not bother us as much. We would work to take care of it and not re-create. We can also block the blessing of people because we have accepted to be shallow and look at the physical and dwell on it.

Queen Vashti if you have read the story of Esther was very beautiful on the outside that the king called her to behold her beauty. But this beauty did not keep her in the palace because nothing shines brighter than inner soul-deep beauty. She refused to obey the Kings request for whatever reason. And she lost her crown. As women we may think that as long as am skinny, as long as I wear the classiest clothes, as long as the make-up is popping, I can never lose the crown.Its sad because we cannot build anything especially a household if we have not built the inner man .Queen Vashti tore down her home with her own hands and her beauty which was meant to honor the king could not save her.

Proverbs 14:1

A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hand.

Our first home is our temples, and God wants us to build it with His Word.It lasts forever.

Lord, I pray that every woman that reads this post will be enveloped by your love and be assured of her beauty in You and therefore praise You. I pray that because she knows that she is wonderfully and beautifully made, that all obsessions with outward adornment shall die. That she will invest that effort into seeking you, to enable her to build her home because true soul-deep beauty is found in trusting You.

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Msdorsila Ogola.


Happy Birthday Lord.


That time of the year.
We all wait for it
For our different reasons…
To some its a joyous occasion
Of celebrations with those whom
we survived the year with…..

When i was small..
It was about popcorn,cake new fab clothes and decorating
It was fun.
Today we don’t decorate much
Today we pray more.
We don’t fuss about new clothes
and shoes so much.
But realize it was never about things.
Today we are happy because we understand what this birthday is all about.
Then, we celebrated someone we didn’t know..

Today its a party to a friend,
A lover of our souls and a Savior
Its not about clothes anymore but about salvation
Its about the fulfillment of purpose
and the greatest soul that walked the earth
Its about who He really is to us.
Its about obedience and heed to the call.

Today as we celebrate his birth,
we celebrate the life that came with Him,
For we were dead!
Some are still dead.
He was born,He died ,He rose again..
Its our time to die as we await to rise with Him.
To pick up His mission just as He perfectly
taught us.
That being the best way to celebrate His life.
Drinking and partying in his name only does nothing much
to the legacy He left.
Trying not to dampen the mood but to put all this into perspective.

Share His name, His love and your testimony..
Testify not only of His birth but His death as well
This Christmas,
Make merry just like Mary but in awe of who He really is.
Be humble like Joseph who am sure was eager to teach his son
but allowed himself to be taught.
Be ready to go the distance like the three wise men
For His name.
Do not sabotage the mission as Herod tried…
Take it up like John the Baptist ran with it.

Live like you met Him,
because you have.
Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Family

I always share these writings at an annual Christmas party that i attend with my sisters.I wrote this one last year.Its always a joy to celebrate Christmas especially when we have known,understood and accepted the heart of it!

Thank you for always reading and God bless you guys!!!!!!


“Oh Lord help me to hate the things that You hate and love the things that You love.” This has just been a prayer that I constantly make. Oh, the things that I subtly tolerate that He hates. Things that I enjoy that disgust Him. Things that testify the complete opposite of who He is. Where is the reverence? Where is my fear of God? The Lord is calling us deeper and it starts with the FEAR of Him. Loving the things that He loves and hating sin.

God is not a God of moments but a God of lifetimes. He can use a moment to reveal Himself, but that moment is to speak to our lifetimes. We wonder why it is so different at a church service, fellowships or even gospel conferences in comparison to our daily devotionals. At those moments we have locked out all that is carnal and all of us at one accord focused all that we are on Him. At that moment we are quiet enough to feel sense and know that He is there with us. But immediately we walk out to go to our homes, we feel like we left Him behind and there is so much noise .But those moments are not to be experienced just once but to be lived each day. He desires that we may live in complete conscious knowledge that He is with us. He wants to fellowship and commune with us daily!

We are the light of the world. Christ in us is to shine in this dark world. But what is it about darkness that we are so enticed by it? Why does it seem like it is smiling at us? Drawing our attention. Making us just want a little of it? We live in a generation where the world is begging for our attention. Good and pure has been made old-fashioned while evil and impure has been made bold and right.

It starts small. It starts with a movie or series that does not please God. What does that mean? It means that the values that are upheld in that movie or series are not in line with the values in God’s Word. It means that it does not seek to edify or lead to purity. It means that it goes against who God is. Sounds like its making sin okay, tolerable, good or even casual. Sin is made desirable and its consequences deceptive. Makes us create idols of ourselves or even things. It starts with a song that we tolerate that has a few curse words but what’s the harm, its talking about working hard? Right?  It starts with watching a music video that appreciates beauty but all the girls on there are almost naked if not completely. Then, it starts getting harder and harder to pray. We have no time to open the Word of God. And we are back to sin that easily entangles us back to pornography, cursing, masturbation, rebellion. Sin now appeals to us more.

     Galatians 5:7

You were doing so well, who caused you to stop following the truth? It certainly wasn’t the one who chose you. Be careful! Just a little yeast makes the whole batch of dough rise

We need to be careful of what we allow in our space and faces as Christians. The devil is no longer subtle about his ideas and plans. And therefore we cannot afford to be careless in this area. God needs us to be bold in what we allow in our space. To be bold enough to reject whatever the Lord rejects and embrace all that He embraces. These avenues of entertainment are very intentional about the ideas that they are selling. We also need to be very intentional about what we allow. If kids are involved, all the more care should be taken. It is a choice to live in the Spirit, crucifying the flesh just as it is a choice to live in the flesh.

   The Scripture injunction, ”Walk in the Spirit,’ calls for voluntary action, and the exercise of the human will. It is equally possible to “walk after the flesh.” Between these two principles, these two “walks,” the believer is ever making choice, and to the end of life the will has power to yield to the one or the other

(The Irish Saint: The Life Story of Anne Preston)

1’st Peter1: 15-16

Be holy in everything that you do, just as God is Holy. He is the one who chose you. In the scriptures God says ‘’Be Holy, because I am Holy’’.

I t will need us to stop watching some movies, listening to some songs or hanging out with certain people, In order to daily kill the flesh and have the Spirit alive in us. It might look too radical, but the devil isn’t playing guys. He seriously wants no heaven for you and me and the rest of the world. He knows that the longer we justify and baptize the things that God hates, we shall never see heaven. And did I mention that Christ radically saved us? What if He tried to look cute and their day “pop-cultured”? What if He didn’t revere God? We need to stop flirting with sin, it looks so good on the outside but it eventually leads to death. I pray that God gives us discernment in this area and the boldness to truly follow Christ. And radically live for Him.

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#SheInspo:Loving The Butterfly Life.


Looking at the blank page with the hashtag and the blinking cursor, I am taken back to the last six months of the journey of my life and I wonder how much of this journey I want to share, share not only with the world but a lady I have never met but feel so much love and connection with… I re-read the conversation we had and I whisper a prayer and ask the gentlest person whom I have come to constantly rely on Holy spirit to hold my hand and speak to me as I share part of my journey.


Here goes…


The Butterfly

She starts out as a tiny little egg, fully dependent of the environment to all her needs be met, the shell breaks and out comes the weirdest thing… she stays here a while and realizes she can understand what is happening to her. All she can do is eat and sleep. This is the happiest stage of her life, but then a thousand little deaths keep happening and shockingly she survives each and every life-shattering event that I went through.

As she adjusts to WHO she is and is safe and secure in her NATURE (This is how I have been created and I will not change) She begins to stir, something deep within her begins to shake and move. She holds on to everything that she knows, she fights and screams’, knowing her world is shifting, some catastrophic force is destroying her life. She cries out to God and all she hears is “Let go, baby, I gotchu” She wails as she is torn apart, right from within. She is wrenched… hoped the pain away, it did not work. Cried, wailed, nothing seemed to work. Then she stood so still and allowed herself to feel each and every fibre of her being torn away. She finally let go and trusted. All she knew was that the one who created her had a perfect plan. She did not know it and at this point it did not matter; He can finally have His way.


It went all black and she knew she was dead, dead to everything she knew. In place of the pain she felt was a new form of discomfort. With every change come growth pains. The discomfort of knowing and adjusting, If you do not recognize that a metamorphosis has happened then the mental behavior remains constant where we are stuck begins to take shape in terms of her wings drying, practice having this new position of BIG wings, ability to fly. Then it happens. FLIGHT.


Flight vs. Fright

We always assume that being a beautiful butterfly is easy. See, she is not sure of who or what she is at the get go. She looks to the sky and sees everything that threatens the darkness that she knows. All she has known is and has changed, she is now different. What has changed? Does she know? Is it only her outward appearance or was her mind in tandem with the change? Has the Larva mentality eat and sleep changed, does she know her destiny is to flight.


As she flutters and the air under her wings seem to lift her off the branch called home. She sees the freedom and it stuns her. Landing back to the safety of home, home cannot hold her new weight and it let’s her down. No choice but to fly. She realizes that it is what she was meant to do.


In the EXACT same way, women are created. Beautifully intricate, but to discover her truth, the essence of who she was created to be she must go through a process. Honestly we all go through this, sometimes the pain and beauty or even comfort of one stage makes us stay there and live a life of less than what we were created to be.


The beauty of the butterfly is the release of self and allowing the process to rule and win.

Reason for the #lovingthebutterflylife a delicate and full reliance on a process and a wiser God.

Butterflies and Sunshine.



Njeri is a woman i have come to admire.She is the founder of SITARA, which is a space she has created for women to find rest,restoration,healing and a place of rejuvenation.She started Sitara because she believes that as women we need a place whereby we can freely speak and pour out the concerns of our hearts,as well as the joys of our lives. We love you Njeri here at the blog and we’ll be #LovingTheButterflyLife.God bless you.

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I pray that this post will encourage you, lead you to repentance and more so a conscious desire to put our LORD JESUS CHRIST FIRST.
Mathew 16:25
For whosoever wishes to save his own life will lose it: But whoever loses His life for my sake will find it.
{This post is so important to me because I feel like if we can get this right, then we can be able to have a deeper relationship with God and share! Share! Share! More about Christ because really this is the only reason we exist on this earth. But oh my SELF!!!}

As I am seeking God more, He is showing me that I am the reason why I am not having a more real relationship with Him. Why I am not sharing Him more. Just as I have made every other thing about myself on this earth, I have also made the gospel about me. I believe in dreams, ownership, purpose, influence and all beautiful things on this earth that we are meant to enjoy. But He reminds me that it was never meant to be about me. I cannot love me more than Him. I cannot love life more than Him. Seeking after my happiness more than what makes Him happy. I want this and that, but I never want Him more than the things I want.

He said, “you see right at the core of your heart which I designed, there is a hole, an altar, a shrine where I AM the only one who can reign. And I will not compete with you or any other thing.”
1st Corinthians 6:19
You should know that your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit that you received from God and that lives in you.You don’t own yourselves.

“Men have now by nature no peace within their hearts, for God is
crowned there no longer, but there in the moral dusk stubborn and aggressive usurpers fight among
themselves for first place on the throne.” (The Pursuit of God AW.Tozer)

I n order for you and I to experience the fullness of our relationship with our Savior, the lover of our souls , He needs to be LORD in the shrine of our hearts. God does not want us to only know that we are saved, but He also wants us know Him. He is not interested in a superficial relationship or acquaintances. He wants us to enjoy knowing Him, to know His heart. To really understand this love that demonstrated itself in death. Even though it is beyond us to fully grasp.

It’s sad that at times we wear salvation as a social stamp, and not as a relationship. Our hearts are so far from God, and we do not seem to know Him. We can only testify of something we know. May be why we do not testify is because we are too caught up in SELF. We spend too much time getting to “know ourselves” and every other thing on this earth and not Him. God showed me that most of the times we are caught up in addictions is because we are too busy worshiping ourselves. I WANT TO FEEL GOOD! I WANT TO BE HAPPY! Is normally the justifying phrase, because right at the center of our hearts sited there is SELF. And we will do anything to please whatever is at the altar of our hearts. What we are enslaved to is right at the core of our hearts.
 We are sinful in nature.
Our human nature is sinful. There is no good that can come from self. I think that a great deception we have is the thought that “we are good people’’. But merely“good people” will not make it to heaven. SURRENDERED people will.Because on our own there is nothing good in us.
Galatians 5: 16-17
So I tell you, live the way the Spirit leads you.Then you will not do the evil things your sinful self wants.The sinful self wants what is against the Spirit, and the Spirit wants what is against the sinful self.
The wrong things the sinful self does are clear: committing sexual sin, being morally bad, doing all kinds of shameful things, worshipping false gods, taking part in witch craft, hating people, causing trouble, being jealous angry or selfish, causing people to argue and divide into separate groups, being filled with envy, getting drunk, having wild parties and doing other things like this. The people who do these things will not have a part in Gods kingdom.
(Verse 24)
Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified their sinful self. They have given up their old selfish feelings and the evil things they wanted to do.
 We bear no good fruit alone.
John 15: 5, 6.
I am the vine and you are the branches. If you stay joined to me, and I to you, you will produce plenty of fruit. But separated from me you won’t be able to do anything. If you don’t stay joined to me, you will be like a branch that has been thrown out and has dried up. All the dead branches like that are gathered up, thrown into the fire and burned.
 There is no eternity in our selves.
We cannot on our own make ourselves right with God. We cannot save ourselves by anything that we do.
Romans 4:5
But people cannot do any work that will make them right in God. So they must TRUST in Him. Then He accepts their faith and that makes them right with Him. He is the one who makes even evil people right with Him.

                                          We Inhibit communion with the LORD OF LORDS.
Ultimately it is God who grows us in Himself.
1st Corinthians 3:6
I planted the seed and Apollos watered it. But God is the one who makes the seed to grow.

But we have a role to play. We need to plant ourselves to the WORD and a life of PRAYER in order to be able to die to self and to align ourselves not only to the will of God but also His voice. The very thing that separated Adam from God is the very thing that we struggle with. SELF, which can be translated to pride. Being self-sufficient. Rejecting our need for a savior. The very thing we were created for is communion with Christ. He is us and we in Him.

God desires a relationship with each one of us where He can speak with us in whatever way HE chooses and we hear and identify His voice because His sheep hear and know His voice and follow Him. But we can’t hear Him if at our core we sit there lording ourselves. I personally struggle with this area because it is so easy to just want my way especially in today’s world and all the pressures. It is a daily process of letting go and letting God. I want to be happy and feel great. And feel important and loved. But Jesus is saying “in ME you find HAPPINESS and guess what? YOU ARE ALREADY LOVED ABUNDANTLY.” In everything you think you are losing by letting go and letting me in, you gain everything.
If you do not know the LORD OF LORDS, His arms are wide open to you and you can receive Him into your life this very instance. HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH AND WANTS YOU TO ENJOY ETERNITY RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. Because what would eternity be without Him.



Stop and just for a minute imagine that you have been appointed the president.In this moment, just as you are.  At your local joint having your usual affordable ‘madondo’. That one time you do not want to Instagram your meal. I am positive that at that moment , something in you will change.

Honestly, I wouldn’t walk out the joint the same way I came in. My aura and vibe will automatically change. A shift will have taken place. A realization of ‘being chosen’ will be hard to ignore. I will have to turn from the life I knew as truth to this new, exciting yet scary life of being chosen. That has promises of not being easy and at times even loss.

All of a sudden I realize that the things that seemed right, justified and welcome in my life as habits and beliefs need to change to suit this new title. A new walking style, as trivial as it sounds, might develop. Lol! A new set of friendships and associations will also bud.As a gentle detachment from others would follow.

Jeremiah 1:5

Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you .Before you were born, I set you apart .I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.


How comes our actions do not follow our knowledge of being set apart or chosen? Is it because we do not walk in the truth that God himself chose us? In the understanding that the cost of being chosen was  HIS SON. His love for us demonstrated in this way SET US APART.


But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners. Christ died for us.

He made sure that our rightful title, garment and crown was restored to us as children of God. A title above the rest. Beloved, don’t you think it will require of us to make some adjustments? A shift  in perspective as the starting point. Every character in the Bible called and chosen of God knew undeniably that in order to experience the fullness of that call, there was need for total separation. Especially from the world and the influences of its day.


  Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land that I will show you.

Abraham had a life when God asked him to go. The only thing is the life he knew as truth lead to death and he had to leave it behind him. How about I am not ready Lord? What will my neighbors and friends say? What if it’s all in my head? Most importantly, what am I going to eat? Where am I going? All these questions must have gone through his mind. But this God sounded different than his father’s gods. There was something about Him and his voice that  he knew he had to GO. He was convinced enough to take the first step as he waited for further instructions. God did not leave Abraham and the minute he stepped out, he did not only know the God who gives promises but also the God who keeps them. He knew His voice when the journey started, but by the time it ended he knew HIS heart.

JAMES 2:23-24

……………..Abraham believed God,and because of this faith he was accepted as one who is right with God.Abraham was called God’s friend.So you see that people are made right with God by what they do.They cannot be made right with faith alone.

 Abraham had to be separated from the association of his early life. The influence of kindred and friends would interfere with the training which the Lord purposed to give His servant. (Patriarchs and Prophets pg69)

.Abraham had a choice. He would have decided to stay and that would have been his only story.How will your story play out?

 It will cost us to follow Christ. It will need us to fall in love with solitude and unfamiliarity with full knowledge that God is right there beside us.Walking away from sin and pleasures of this world and getting uncomfortable following Him. Staying separate. Learning to trust Him all the more. It is a process, but in order for it to start it will require a BOLD first step in the CALLED direction. It will not be perfect. It is not meant to be. You might not get the luxury of taking this first step with your family, boyfriend or best friend. You might start with them but find yourself alone. Just as Abraham had to eventually leave his father and Lot. He still looked forward and asked for further instruction. I mean he was ready to go on without his son even though he could not even comprehend how heart breaking and drenching it would be. I know it’s scary, but He is a GOOD GOOD God. His cup satisfies even through the roughest and loneliest deserts. Being chosen most times if not all will mean separation.


Psalm 27:1

Lord, you are my LIGHT and my SAVIOR, So why should I be afraid of anyone? The Lord is where my life is safe. So I will be afraid of no one. (Holy Bible-easy to read version)

Separate yourself so that God can begin the training process. Training is never easy, but a vision of the results just as he gave Abraham the promises, is our encouragement. Thanks for reading. As you all know,life is a journey and we never stop becoming!Keep becoming my lovely readers.


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‘’I wished to have a “normal” family but I guess I wasn’t destined to .I have a step MOM and many step sisters and brothers. Some are great.. It’s all weird.We are almost closing school. I hope that one of my fav step-brother will come home. That I will meet new friends and attend a teens fellowship at my church and maybe start a praise and worship team at church. Guess what happened,he came on the first Sunday of my holiday. I was so happy to see him. I also went to teens on that Sunday. Haiya, I met new friends and most were boys. (wink) You can imagine the horror. Some were definitely not my age. There is this one guy who looked at me in a fishy way, I’ve always known when a guy liked me (NOT TRUE).He greeted me in a nice respectful way. The topic for the meeting was the delicate issue which affects most teenagers. SEX!!!!!Many questions ran through our minds;

1)Why should we not do it?

2) How does it feel like?

3) Why should we wait? Everyone is doing it.

I realized that we are uncomfortable to talk about SEX and yet God created it. I learnt so much about the boys and girls there. They are deeply affected by this. By the way I like the guy too ,but he is a bit older. Man, there are fine men out there!!!!!I one day want the courage to stand up and speak in public and be myself and not worry who’s looking. But seriously I do not know how to socialize with boys but I love boys. I love boys because they are easy, understanding and simple. Well, this is just the beginning of  a life in store for me.

I love Jesus. I will like to acknowledge that. Guess I gotta sleep.’’

No one chooses the family that they land  and find themselves in.We do not choose our parents.God makes that choice for us.And God is perfect.H e does not make mistakes.He is a good God.Families are diverse and flat out weird.Everyone comes from one.Even the worst of them still has LOVE in it.I thought I came from the worst of it.At times it felt so.But I never doubted the love.My family is BLENDED (step family). We basically share a dad and are blessed with two moms.I know not most would like to be in such a situation and some are probably judging this situation.Don’t you worry,that used to be me.And this also could be someone else’ truth.It always felt weird trying to explain why we were so many.

I grew up with a lot of questions.Wondering why did God have to put me in such a situation.Why no one bothers to explain the situations.Its until grew up a bit that i am now able to understand and look at it with grace.Life is messy and families are messier.God having put me in this situation pretty much wanted to stretch me.To stretch my love for people that I did not feel related to.To accept people as they come.Even my parents.To love the sinner and not the sin.To judge not.Accepting people in whatever way that they came to my life.That how can I love GOD whom I have never seen and hate my brother/sister that I see.Its a fact that the generations ahead of as will be coupled up with blended families with either similar or different situations than this.My parents, esp my mom taught me to LOVE regardless.Whether we share a father or NOT.Whether you came before or after.Families are expressions of love and we judge and complain because we seek perfection in an imperfect world.Love your crazy,issued and roller coaster-ed family and the more we love like Jesus loves us,the more it is transformed.FOR WE ARE PERFECTLY BLENDED!

Oh my, meeting boys was just one of the weirdest moments in my life.I JUST DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO ACT.(LOL)I t was so awkward.I was so shy.It was so hard for me to speak in public at that time esp around my peers.Worrying about what people would think of my “saved opinions’’. That I wouldn’t be cool anymore.That I’d rather shut up and leave them wondering.It was so easy being saved at home than in school guys.The pressure was real esp with my weird short hair and crazy #foreheadgame.WOW!Its funny how life changes.How we are just WORK IN PROGRESS.The amount of growth in my interactions,confidence and public speaking.The acceptance that I have for myself.The courage that at times looks so small that I have gained.I can only smile and thank GOD.For I am unashamedly flawed and not ashamed of Him.That I long to just open my mouth and go on and on about His love and the standards for life that He set.Standards that look too high but through His grace I fall and He picks me up and He says try again.I GOT YOU.




#TEENDiaries:ENTRY 1. And The Journey Begins.

So I finished “primo” (primary school) Yay!! Yay!!..I am in form 1 only for this year (2007 ) and next year I will be in form 2.And I will be an ex-mono. So I got SAVED (again) and out to serve God and please Him. It is hard and I have to say that not everything has been going okay. School iko poa (is great) … atleast I am coping. But I have no friends. I am all alone, the “friends” I have are not real friends…..Daaaaah!!! (we used to say that a lot at that time)My prayer since I got to high school was to have a very close friend. I mean a friend I could share with my deepest secrets. But no one seems interested. No one here seems to be interested in the real me! My form one life has not been so nice since I did not meet as good friends as I had expected.I’ve been suffering from a low-self-esteem since no one has ever told me how cute I am or how I look nice in a certain outfit. I want a life of which I basically do not have. I miss so many of my primary school friends, some whom I will never forget and appreciated me for who I was. I will never forget them!


 This first entry really just captures the shift and transition of seasons. Getting into a new environment that was both scary and exciting. It captures the expectations that we have and the disappointment of lack of similarity between the past and the future. I knew I needed God in this new season, thus my getting saved (again)…lol!

I never knew at this point that it gets better. That soon enough I would not miss my primary school friends anymore and even end up forgetting about them. Just like you never know that the pain will soon subside and die right after a break up. That time molds the best of friendships. That how I’d wrap up the season will produce a more seasoned me and my best of friends. That a more intimate,lasting and real relationship was being sculpted in most  journal entries titled “Dear God”. Of course I didn’t know all this. I was 16 and stuck up in my emotions that most times confused me. //Gosh I just thank God!//

LOW-SELF ESTEEM!WOW!On the first day of evening preps a group of form 2 girls entered my class and walked round the class speaking all fluent English and picking out the pretty girls and of course mocking the ones who did not match their version of beautiful. I didn’t know if they would pick me. Actually, I knew they wouldn’t pick me. I mean each clothe I had on was oversized and my hair wasn’t matching the standard. Plus did you see the girl who sat next to me? So when I finally got a “PIA WEWE” (even you). I knew the PRESSURE was on. When I read that part of the journal, my heart dropped and I wished I could go back and hug myself and tell myself that it wasn’t that serious. Because today no one has to tell me that am cute to make me feel good about myself. To complement me to lift my spirits. I would tell that sad girl  that her smile brightens up the day and not even the sun. That she is LOVED unconditionally. #unconditionallyBae… Let her know that a guy complementing her  isn’t even half a reason for going out on a walk with him. GUESS SHE DIDN’T KNOW.

Life is a journey and we never stop becoming my lovely readers.I AM STILL LEARNING.WE ARE STILL BECOMING.

Today there is a 16 yr old with this same if not more of these pressures and they are REAL until she can look back like I am today.If you get the opportunity tell her a couple of these things,PLEASE DO.

Share this post widely and watch out for ENTRY 2..NEXT WEEK.Thanks for reading.Leave a comment down below and share with my readers the lessons you learnt  about self image that you wish you knew when you were in high school and whatever else you would love to share.

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